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A&E- Wooden Mouse Toy

A&E- Wooden Mouse Toy

SKU: 0644472990898

Designed for birds to explore, exercise and chew.

Made with bird-safe materials and provides stimulation.

Satisfies your bird’s instinct to chew and promotes good beak health.

Colors provide stimulation.

Toy easily attaches to any cage with a quick link.

It’s easy to keep your feathered friends entertained and occupied with the A&E Cage Company The Crazy Wooden Mouse Bird Toy. This toy is designed to encourage your bird buddy to explore, exercise and chew on it for a flap happy good time! You can even add your bird’s favorite treat for extra foraging fun. This destructible toy satisfies your bird’s instinctual drive to chew, and it also promotes good beak health. The colorful toy provides extra visual stimulation to hold your feathered friend’s interest


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