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Natures Miracle - Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes
  • Natures Miracle - Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes

    SKU: 018065058874

    Nature's Miracle Bird Cage and Scrubbing Wipes

    Add the convenience of a wipe to a best selling formula. The quitted texture, with grip dot technology, easily lifts stuck-on debris while the deodorizing formula eliminates odors.

    When used regularly, Bird Cage Scrubing Wipes help eliminate pet waste odors for a clean, hygienic cage.


    1) Flip open dispensing cap 2)pull wipes from center roll and run through the center of the dispensing cup. 3) firmly tear wipe and remove and close lid flap. 4) Wipe dirt and waste until compety removed for a clean and sanitary cage.

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Surface Cleansers, Odor Neutralizer, preservatives.

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