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A&E- “UFO” Toy
  • A&E- “UFO” Toy

    SKU: 644472011142

    Bright colors attract and keep your feathered friend’s attention.

    Multiple textures for endless fun.

    Plastic rings help with beak conditioning, and vine rings satisfy your bird’s need to chew.

    Made with all bird-safe materials.

    Easily attaches to any cage with a quick link.

    With its multiple colors and textures, the A&E Cage Company U.F.O Bird Toy offers out-of-this-world fun for your feathered friend. It provides appealing sights, sounds and textures. Your bird can climb and perch, while plastic rings help with beak conditioning—and vine rings satisfy your bird’s need to chew. This toy is made with all bird-safe materials, and it provides valuable mental and physical stimulation.

    Great for small-medium sized birds !