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A&E- Tres Huevos Toy

A&E- Tres Huevos Toy

SKU: 644472012316

Tres Huevos Noisemaking Bird Toy turns up the fun by keeping your birdie bud tuned in to entertaining jingles that'll crack open hours of fun. Inviting this toy into your feathered friend's home helps deviate boredom and provide stimulation as they're serenaded by songs of sweet sounds.

- Tres Huevos Noisemaking Bird Toy

- Helps relieve boredom for parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, and similar-sized birds

- Brings entertainment to their habitat with colorful wiffle balls, rope, beads, and sounds that let the good times fly

- Provides stimulation as birds are instinctually intrigued by jingle sounds

- Includes a link connector for easy installment

Great for small-medium sized birds !