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A&E - Busy Bee Toy
  • A&E - Busy Bee Toy

    SKU: 644472017793

    Your feathered friend can explore, exercise and chew on this vibrant toy.

    Gives birds the perfect outlet for their need to gnaw and chomp.

    Easy to chew on and helps promote a healthy beak.

    Colorful design provides bird with visual stimulation

    Attach easily to any cage or play area with a clip.

    What’s the buzz? The A&E Cage Company Busy Bee Bird Toy keeps your feathered friend as busy as a bee all day! This bright and vibrant wooden toy makes it easy for your pet to explore, exercise and chew. The wooden shapes provide the perfect outlet for your bird to gnaw and chomp. Additionally, the colorful design creates visual stimulation for your pal. You better bee-lieve that this toy will bring your feathered friend hours of fun and a healthy beak!

    Great for small-medium sized birds !