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14” Sand Covered Perches (2PK)

14” Sand Covered Perches (2PK)

SKU: 644472008395

An easy fix for any damaged or chewed perches in your bird’s cag

Encourages activity and natural chewing, as well as helps with nail trimming.

Add another perch to encourage climbing.

Designed with your bird’s home in mind.

Perches with a variety of textures and shapes help promote exercise and motivate your bird to adjust their claws.

The A&E Cage Company Sand Coated Wooden Replacement Bird Perch has always got your back! When it’s time to replace any damaged or chewed perches, this sand-coated natural wood replacement fits nicely in your cage or activity area. The perch works for foot exercise as well as keeping beaks and nails trimmed. A variety of textures, shapes and sizes help promote exercise by pushing your bird to adjust her claws differently.