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ZuPreem NutBlend Flavor - Medium Birds 2LB
  • ZuPreem NutBlend Flavor - Medium Birds 2LB

    SKU: 762177850207

    Your feathered friend will go nuts for ZuPreem NutBlend Flavor with Natural Nut Flavors Daily Bird Food for Medium Birds! This complete, pelleted diet features different nut colors, shapes and aromas for more variety without sacrificing nutrition. Each bite is packed with a delicious nut flavor your bird will love, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. These scrumptious pellets are great for cockatiels, quakers, lovebirds, small conures and other medium birds. Take the guesswork out of meeting your pal’s nutritional needs with this complete diet from ZuPreem!

    This Item is listed under discounted for it being past the “best by date”. This product is still perfectly safe for your birds.

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