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Blue Headed Pionus Parrot
  • Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

    The blue-headed parrot, also known as the blue-headed pionus is a medium-sized parrot of about 27 cm in length. The body is mostly green, with a blue head and neck, and red undertail coverts. Blue-headed parrots are popular as pets. Compared to other parrot species (like amazons) they are very quiet. They are affectionate, but not known for their talking ability. Temperament- The Blue Headed Pionus, like other Pionus parrots, has a reputation for being independent while at the same time remaining closely bonded and devoted to their owners.

    *Pricing will change based on the different seasons*

    *Birds available will most likely be a Hand Fed Babies. The Bird depicted is used as a reference for coloring and sizing.*

    *No refund on Birds*

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